Comments From Our Travelers

"It was unforgettable! So many fun people, amazing weather and breathtaking scenery! Also, a lot to learn about early societies and their way of life. Every island seemed to have its own character. It was a trip of a lifetime for me. Thanks to Linda and Gary for putting this together and for your support. And thanks to all fellow passengers for being so fun, welcoming and interesting! I loved getting to know many of you and hope to see you again and maybe even travel with you again!! Love and hugs to you all!"
June 2023
"I had a wonderful time getting to know each of you during our fabulous Greek cruise. This special group of friends made our journey through Greece truly remarkable & unforgettable! Thank you Linda for all you did to make this trip a success. I look forward to seeing everyone again soon. Cheers to the memories we created together!"
June 2023
"My sis and I had the most wonderful time with all of you. Thank you so much for your incredible kindness, fun times , and just plain old support and love that each of you carried. I woke up and heard the birds chirping in my backyard this morning. Maybe you drown out those sounds as white noise in time, but going on a trip so special makes everything so fresh and alive again. Thank you for the wonderful memories and thank you Linda and Gary!
June 2023
"I just wanted to tell everyone that while I lost the last two days of our trip, I really enjoyed the adventure and the best part was meeting a whole new bunch of great folks and Cindy and I enjoyed our time with everyone. Thanks again to Linda for putting our trip together. Have a great summer and we hope ours paths cross again."
Ken and Cindy
June 2023
"We would like also to express our gratitude for letting us be a part of your Majorca sailing adventure. It was such a pleasure meeting new people along the way and learning about the places we visited. Both Lilia and I look forward to continuing our adventures with Linda's Travel Adventures. Thanks again!"
Greg and Lilla
San Diego, CA
"For a trip with lots of adventure and making lifelong friendships, get on board with Linda's Travel Adventures. It will make you smile and give you memories that last a long, long time. Come join us; it will change your life forever!"
"Linda, you are a very, very special person with extraordinary gifts. Your talents in dealing with a zillion items at once while keeping everyone happy is amazing. Everyone had an extraordinary experience due of your diligent attention to detail and love for what you do. You do not give people an opportunity to be a give them the joy of being along on an adventure. You foster friendships that will last forever This trip was perfect for me, in time and, I am sure, it was for each one there. Thanks for the opportunity to adventure with you! You are a jewel!"
Carol Ann
Granbury, TX
"Just wanted to say thanks for setting up such a great trip. It really was a longtime dream come true, as I have always wanted to visit Greece and to be able to sail there was just an extra added bonus. It was such fun meeting and making new and wonderful friends. Ciao!"
Azle, TX
"Marge and I have thoroughly enjoyed each of the sailing trips we've done. Greece, Italy and Sicily and the Windward Islands. Each time we've returned home with new friends, great memories and restful, fun vacations. We're certainly excited about the upcoming Greek trip, Australia and the San Juan's next year."
Jim and Marge
Carlsbad, CA
"Travel with Linda is like traveling with a Kaleidoscope of opportunities - each out-doing the previous with a crescendo that explodes with fantastic times, educational experiences, and memories that will last forever."
Captain Fred
Southlake, TX

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